Jeremy's Challenges (II)

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Jeremy's Challenges (II) by Mind Map: Jeremy's Challenges (II)

1. Home as Microsystem

1.1. Parents' strained relationship

1.1.1. Parents did not seem keen to receive feedback from teachers about Jeremy

1.1.2. Parents too distracted by their individual careers

1.1.3. Parents (esp Mother) set high expectations on Jeremy

1.2. Tuition almost everyday

1.3. Additional academic work from mother

2. School as microsystem

2.1. Lessons do not engage him

2.1.1. Teacher does not provide scaffolding and clear instructions

2.1.2. Jeremy was frequently ostracized by classmates when doing group activities Teacher (Mr Tan) compounded his feeling of ostracization

2.2. Teachers are not sensitive to his needs

2.2.1. Emotional Insinuates that he is a weak student Discipline Master embarrasses him through public punishment

2.2.2. Physical Scolds him for being too tired (Ms Low)

2.2.3. Cognitive No opportunities for him to excel in non-academic fields

2.2.4. Social Compares him with other students (Ms Low)

2.3. Friends

2.3.1. Makes fun of him

2.3.2. He does not communicate well with them

2.3.3. Does not feel belonged with his classmates

2.3.4. Does not actively look for group members in group activity

2.3.5. Feels inferior towards his classmates

3. Behaviourism Theories

3.1. Academic Performance

3.2. Jeremy's Behaviour

3.2.1. Behaviourism Classical Conditioning Instrumental Conditioning

4. Learning Theories

4.1. Social Cognitive

4.2. Cognitive

5. Motivation

5.1. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

5.1.1. Jeremy's needs for belonging

5.1.2. Jeremy's physiological needs

5.1.3. Jeremy's self-esteem

5.1.4. Security

5.2. Psychological Needs

5.2.1. Arousal (His attention in class)

5.2.2. Competence (Self-efficacy)

5.2.3. Self-determination (Choices: Control to do what he wants)

5.2.4. Need of relatedness

5.3. Cognitive

5.3.1. Interest (in lessons/school)

5.3.2. Expectancies and Values

5.3.3. Goals

5.3.4. Attributions

5.3.5. Teacher Expectations & Attributions

6. Theories on Jeremy's Identity

6.1. Identity Diffusion

6.2. Erikson's Stages of Development

6.3. Self-Concept

6.3.1. Self-Esteem

6.3.2. Confidence

6.4. Br.'s Microsystems Theory