Pauly Hart Books

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Pauly Hart Books by Mind Map: Pauly Hart Books

1. Fiction

1.1. Novels

1.1.1. Empire Beneath By the Gates of the Garden of Eden At the Feet of the Tower of Babel

1.1.2. Space 100

1.1.3. Escalade of Planets

1.2. Short Stories

1.2.1. Collections Sometimes I Write Tiny Stories I Still Write Tiny Stories

1.3. Novellas

1.3.1. Collections The Dreaded Bump in the Night

1.4. Children

1.4.1. Detective Jumpers

2. Autobiography

2.1. Becoming Myself

3. Poetry

3.1. Anthologies

3.1.1. Poems From the Hart (Out of Print)

3.1.2. The Computer Poet (Out of Print)

3.1.3. Stupid Mind Tricks

3.1.4. Kicking the Prick

3.2. Themed Anthologies

3.2.1. Christianity The Cross and the Poet

3.2.2. Relationships Book of Love and Laughter Book of Love and Wrath

3.3. Cantos

3.3.1. Indigo Starflyer

3.3.2. Indigo Dark Burn (Out of Print, Reformatting)

3.4. Fables

3.4.1. Anti-Fables Koko the Dragon

4. Instructional

4.1. How to: Adulting

5. Selected Essays

5.1. Sardoodledom Volume I

5.2. Sardoodledom Volume II

6. Devotional Literature

6.1. Daily

6.1.1. Reflections: A Daily Guide to Wiser Living

6.2. Thematic

6.2.1. Discovering Truth

7. Epistles

7.1. Peoples

7.1.1. 1st Letter to the Mestizos

7.1.2. 2st Letter to the Mestizos

7.1.3. 1st Letter to the Native Americans

7.1.4. 1st Letter to the Russians

7.1.5. 1st Letter to the Muslims

7.1.6. 1st Letter to the Indonesians

7.2. Regions

7.2.1. Americas 1st Letter to the Americans 2nd Letter to the Americans 3rd Letter to the Americans 4th Letter to the Americans 5th Letter to the Americans 1st Letter to the Caribbeans

7.2.2. Europe Letter to Eastern Europe Letter to Northern Europe Letter to Western Europe Letter to Southern Europe Letter to Central Europe Letter to Southeastern Europe

7.2.3. Africa Letter to Northern Africa Letter to Western Africa Letter to Central Africa Letter to Eastern Africa Letter to Southern Africa

7.2.4. Australia Letter to the Australian Coasts Letter to the Outback

7.2.5. Asia Letter to Central Asia Letter to Eastern Asia Letter to Northern Asia Letter to South East Asia Letter to Southern Asia Letter to Arabia