Supporting Infrastructure Workshop Results

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Supporting Infrastructure Workshop Results by Mind Map: Supporting Infrastructure Workshop Results

1. Delivery

1.1. Delivery: Bringing work to a conclusion in time

2. Clarity

2.1. Priotitising

2.2. Knowing what to Drop

2.3. Everyone has information to make good decisions

2.4. Time Management

2.5. CORE: Clarifying the core reason behind what we do and the projects we undertake

2.6. ISO55001: Asset Infomation

2.7. Mutual input and accountability

3. Customer Focus

3.1. Responsive: To our Customers (internal and External)

4. Innovation

4.1. Embrace Opportunties

4.2. Accountability

4.3. Challenging the Status Quo

4.4. Open Mind

4.5. Innovation: Taking time to think outside day to day core tasks

4.6. Digital Utility: How are we going to improve it?

4.7. Creativity

4.8. Promote Bright Ideas:

4.8.1. Idea Bank

5. Efficency

5.1. Electronic Approvals

5.1.1. BC Approvals

5.1.2. Visits to T.P's Form

5.2. Reduce time waste in conflict politics

5.3. Identify impediments and develop better ways to do it

5.4. Efficient and Integrated Systems

5.4.1. System for CAPEX Capital and Renewals

5.5. Efficiency Through

5.5.1. Shedding

5.5.2. Shifting

5.5.3. Automation

5.5.4. Administration Components

5.5.5. Enable More time on Core Functions

5.6. Streamlining

6. Quality

6.1. Consistency

6.1.1. That the foundations work are clear and unchanging (except where necessary). Stick with things.

6.1.2. Same tasks done same way by different people

6.1.3. Less Short term reactive management

6.1.4. More discipline and focus on longer term goals

6.1.5. One System

7. Culture

7.1. Positive

7.1.1. Recognition

7.1.2. Energetic

7.2. Self Improvement

7.2.1. Self Seek

7.2.2. Rotations

7.2.3. Challenge

7.2.4. leadership

7.3. Congratulate: Acknowledge each others good work

7.4. Learning Culture: Continuous Improvement

7.5. Diversity Acceptance: Understand everyone has different background culture

7.6. Leadership

7.6.1. Listening

7.6.2. Interaction

7.6.3. Courage: Have the hard conversations, put our egos to a side. To get right outcomes.

7.6.4. Leading by Example

7.6.5. Support: Listen to each others ideas and help build on them

7.6.6. Support Individuals and there Needs

8. Unity

8.1. Collaboration

8.1.1. More Intergroup teamwork

8.1.2. Sharing

8.1.3. Paring Example: The Senior Officers sharing performance management goals

8.2. Communicate

8.2.1. Continue to share improvements at an early stage

8.2.2. Sharing ideas within and across the team/group/business.

8.2.3. Face to Face

8.3. Transparency

8.3.1. Consistency in decision making framework

8.3.2. Better communicate priorities of individuals and how that applies across business

8.3.3. Understanding where the business is going

8.3.4. Clear detailed Strategies

8.4. Engagement

8.4.1. Engaging the broader business Fieldtrip

9. Documents and Data

9.1. Quality Assurance

9.2. Quality > Quantity of documentation

9.3. Efficiency: Document control of drawings and improvements

9.4. Record Keeping: Ensuring that all decisions and the reasoning incl. background is recorded and accessible and traceable


9.5.1. Better storage/management of data. To improve quality assurance and accessibility

9.5.2. Quality Data

9.5.3. Data Management, better controls and Robust Information

10. Legend

10.1. As Proposed in WorkShop

10.2. About Individuals

10.3. Clarity

10.4. Culture

10.5. Customer Focus

10.6. Delivery

10.7. Documents and Data

10.8. Efficency

10.9. Innovation

10.10. Quality

10.11. Actions