GG & Planning

This is a brainstorming map that I'm using to organize my thesis. My Interdisciplinary concentration is in Environmental Policy and Planning, and the topic of my thesis is Further Organization in Guerrilla Gardening and it's potential for effect Urban Green-space management and Planning.

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GG & Planning by Mind Map: GG & Planning

1. Urban Land (Where, Planning)

1.1. Community Gardens

1.1.1. Communities of Plants/People

1.2. Government Programs

1.2.1. Board of Public Works LA's new Parkway rules

1.2.2. Planning Depts Adopt a Flower Bed

1.3. City Parks

1.3.1. Park Classifications Old Active Passive New Ppl->Ppl Pp->Nature Nature->Nature

2. GG (Who & How)

2.1. History

2.1.1. Guerillas

2.1.2. Formation of Organizations

2.2. Activism

2.2.1. theatre staging of realism versus law/nature vs man protests to protect guerrilla gardens using theatrical proactivism

2.2.2. protest PARKing

2.2.3. resilience Seedbombs

2.2.4. proactivism natural resilience

2.3. Locations

2.3.1. Berlin

2.3.2. LA & Hollywood

2.3.3. NY

2.3.4. Toronto

2.3.5. London

2.3.6. So Cal

2.4. Guerrillas

2.4.1. Orgs Utah Pure Genius Have på en nat May Day 200 International Sunflower May Day Event Leaf St. Community Garden Abahlali baseMjondolo Richmond, VA birdhouses and gardens Australia's GG GG TV show Melbourne "Permablitz"

3. Private Vs. Public (Why)

3.1. Plants as functioning organisms

3.1.1. Ecosystem services

3.2. Place Appropriation

3.3. Illegality of GG

3.3.1. fine line btwn legal and illegal

3.4. legality of gene patents

3.4.1. disgressions between definitions btwn man's vs. nature's law

3.5. Monocult

3.5.1. Corporate control of biological diversity through the food economy

3.6. Patenting Life?

3.6.1. Plants as Possessions

3.6.2. Plants as Living creatures

3.7. Tragedy of the Commons

3.7.1. animals

3.7.2. plant life

3.7.3. soil

3.7.4. people

3.8. incrementalism in government

3.8.1. changes must be triggered by public action

4. Seeds (What)

4.1. Biodiversity

4.1.1. Diversity of Plant Species fighting monocult

4.1.2. native plant area reclamation

4.2. Dangers of uninformed GG'ers

4.2.1. Dangers of Urban Farming leaching of toxic chemicals into food crops

4.2.2. Erosion Control measures

4.2.3. Appropriate Planting

4.3. Social-Ecological System

4.3.1. Food Deserts

4.3.2. Urban Heat Sinks resolved by natural processes (tree

4.3.3. ecosystem services

5. 1649 - Right Now (When)

5.1. Forefathers/mothers

5.1.1. The First 'Organic' Fukuoka Masanobu Lady Eve Balfour Sir Albert Howard Ruth Stout John "Appleseed" Chapman Liz Christy Gerrard Winstanley

6. Solutions and Conclusions

6.1. Approach for Guerrilla Gardening

6.1.1. The Common Studio Greenaid retrofitting gum-ball machines to disperse seed bombs (C)urban Ecology

6.2. Future of Urban greenspace

6.2.1. Fruit sharing programs LA Portland Florida

6.2.2. NAG Neighbors Allied for Good Growth Open Space Programs

6.3. Public/Private Partnerships

6.3.1. Tree People Urban Forest Community