Quadrilateral Hierarchy

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Quadrilateral Hierarchy by Mind Map: Quadrilateral Hierarchy

1. Gauss

1.1. Dynamic Sketch

1.2. Pros and Cons

1.2.1. Not widely used

1.2.2. hierarchy based on reflection and rotation

1.2.3. extremely helpful when identifying congruent sides and angles

1.3. Quadrilateral Investigation

1.3.1. Rotation of Triangles

1.3.2. Reflection of Triangles

2. Euclid

2.1. Dynamic Sketch

2.2. Pros and Cons

2.2.1. most widely used hierarchy in high school geometry

2.2.2. connection between shapes doesn't have the best flow

3. David Hilbert

3.1. Dynamic Sketch

3.2. Pros and Cons

3.2.1. connection between the quadrilaterals flows the best

3.2.2. uses a definition for trapezoid that is not widely accepted