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Responsibilities by Mind Map: Responsibilities

1. Supplier

1.1. Classify all products intended for use in a Canadian workplace to determine if supplier labelling and MSDS requirements apply.

1.2. Provide hazard information through standardized labels and MSDS's on all controlled products or containers of controlled products.

2. Employer

2.1. Where the employer imports a product directly into the workplace from a source outside Canada, that employer is considered to be the supplier and has the classification responsibilities of a supplier.

2.2. Ensure that all containers of controlled products in the workplace have WHMIS labels, identifiers and MSDS's.

2.3. Ensure that MSDS's are up-to-date (no more than three years old, and are readily available to employees.

2.4. Ensure that an annual chemical inventory is done and available to emergency personnel and employees.

2.5. Provide effective worker education to ensure an understanding of the WHMIS labels, MSDS's, and precautionary measures concerning hazardous materials.

3. Worker

3.1. Participate in training provided by the employer and follow WHMIS regulations.

3.2. Handle controlled products in a safe manner.

3.3. Inform the employer about damaged or missing labels.

3.4. In Ontario, workers also have a responsibility under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to report unsafe conditions. By this definition, knowledge of the improper classification of a controlled product could be considered knowledge of an unsafe condition.