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SCRUM by Mind Map: SCRUM
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Product backlog

Prioritised list

Described in User Stories, From writing to talking, Sub stories, Details in tests, Keep GUI out, User role modelling, Personas, Start with goals, INVEST, Independent, Negotiable, = no contract, = no requirement, Needs flexibility, Valueable, Show the benefit, Estimatable, Story points, Planning Poker, Small, Development 1-3 days, Testable, Slice the cake

High priority are detailed first

Only one list possible

Ever evolving

Product Roadmap

Holds everything that can be done

Business value added per item

Effort added per item

Refinement workshop

With Team 10% of time


Requirement analysis

Splitting large into smaller items

(Re)estimating of new/existing items


1-4 Weeks

Sprint Planning Meeting, Part 1, Understand what PO wants, Must be available, Review high prio items, Give team insight, Definition of "Done", Part 2, How to implement items, Take top items from product backlog, Team decides how much they can do, PO available bij phone, 2-4 hours, Determine available teamhours for sprint, Decompose items into work/tasks, Sprint Backlog, In hours

Start, Team commits to list, Release backlog, Release Burndown chart, Items do not change during sprint, Define Sprint Goal

Daily, Progress inspection, Take steps to complete work, Daily Scrum Meeting, 15 min, Fine when too late, Standing, Synchronise work, Each teammember:, Report progress, Planning for today, Report Impediments, Make notes, Slow teamprogress?, No discussions, Follow-up Meeting, No management attending, Estimate time to finish task, Sprint Burnout Chart, Emergency Procedure, Change work approach, Remove impediments, Get help (outside team), Reduce scope of work, Abort Sprint

End, Software completely "done", Sprint Review Meeting, Review/demo to stakeholders, Feedback for next sprint, Sprint retrospective, Process, C, Caused by Scrum, E, Exposed by Scrum, U, Unrelated to Scrum, Each teammember:, What went well, What could work better, Look for underlying causes, Things to try, Issues to escalate


Never extended


Product Owner

Maximising ROI

Identify features

Prioritise items on list

Scrum Master


The Team

7±2 members

100% available for sprint

Includes all expertise, No task assignment, Members take task, Support Pairing

Self-organising, Autonomy, Accountable

Should be stable

Have velocity

Arjen Douwes

Version 1.3



Not Yet Started

In progress


Sprint Burnout Chart

Shows progress toward goal not hours spent




Requirements/Functional documents



Good ideas must come in the beginning

Written docs have limitations in communication

No changes allowed

Planning almost impossible

No Fun

Sub optimised results

Complex problems

Behave unpredicable