Benefits of Social Networking

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Benefits of Social Networking by Mind Map: Benefits of Social Networking

1. Body

1.1. First View

1.1.1. Benefits of Social Networking Social networking can benefit us in our lives. We can use social networking to get our name out in the world, and to develop relationships with other professionals that may help us in our career. We can maintain relationships with clients and business associates through the use of social networking. Maintaining these relationships are key in the business world. doi:10.1016/j.bushor.2009.09.003 We can stay in contact with those close to us that live far away. Families can use social media to keep in touch through through the use of channels such as skype, and we can keep tabs on the everyday life of those we love.

1.2. Second View

1.2.1. Disadvantages of Social Networking Social networking takes your information and allows it to be shared with a large number of people. This can be risky because you can be exposed to backlash or attacks by people on social networks. Using social media inappropriately may put us at risk for our privacy being breached or our identity stolen because of too much information given online. Using social networks can be a disadvantage because it allows potential employers to check up on you and track what you post online. This can have a significant influence on whether you get a job or not with certain companies.

1.2.2. Transition into Conclusion By knowing the benefits and disadvantages of Social Networking we can learn to properly use the internet to our advantage.

2. Intro

2.1. i. Provide a compelling opening statement ii. Importance of the topic 1. Importance to individuals 2. Importance to general society iii. Preview of the points to be made about the topic 1. Preview first view of the topic 2. Preview second view of the topic 3. Preview any other views of the topic iv. Clear transition into the body

2.1.1. Opening Statement Social networking can lead an individual to their dream career,

2.1.2. Importance Individual Social networking allows college students to connect with other individuals and to create a new identity of themselves. " Analysis of measures of relationship intimacy led Igarashi et al. to conclude that even at the beginning of the academic year, participants used MPTM to communicate with intimate FTF friends (Subrahmanyan, Reich, Waechter, and Espinoza, p420). Society Social is the new way of getting new information about what is going on all around us. By social networking, individuals are able to always have news at their finger tips

2.1.3. Preview of the first topic A benefit of social networking is that it allows people to maintain relationships.

2.1.4. Preview of the second topic On the other hand, social networking can be a disadvantage because it can leak your personal information if not used appropriately.

2.1.5. Transition into body Social networking can be a benefit and/or also a disadvantage depending on how people choose to use it.

3. Conclusion

3.1. Concluding Argument

3.1.1. Social Networking has more advantages than disadvantages, due to the fact that it opens up more opportunities for society connections. Individuals have full control over information they are willing to provide on social networks. Meaning pictures, posts, and personal information that may potentially disqualify them from future jobs. By providing information individuals are prone to hackers although the advantages of websites is that they have the ability to secure their information from being obtained.

3.2. Inclusion of Legitimate Research

3.2.1. Social networking helps students with school by making things easier to connect to one another and also keeping them connected to their professors. Contemporary social technologies are used by hundreds of millions of users, available for free, and are engaging and fun to use, making them appropriate to be harnessed for teaching and learning and in particular to enhance social interactions (Brown, 2010, Hamid et al., 2014, Hemmi et al., 2009, Seaman and Tinti-Kane, 2013 and Selwyn, 2012). By being on social networks people make it easier on themselves to stay in contact with friends and family while being in different places. And it is also a way that employers look for potential employees..Another useful benefit for employers and businesses is that if your target audience fits those that use social networking sites, it is an inexpensive and used method to market products or career opportunities (ProQuest).

3.3. Connection to Introduction

3.3.1. Social networking creates connections with other people for development of new relationship whether it be friends. family, or employers. It provides greater job opportunities by providing a person with the networking necessary to showcase themselves in a work environment. It also helps to keep up with what is going on around in the world making it easier for us to follow and keep intact with the latest news.

3.4. Closing Statement

3.4.1. Social networking has greater advantages that benefit society as a whole. It creates multiple opportunities that were not offered before. It provides resources that help with networking, friendships, and individual growth.