Meeting Notes with Milan

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Meeting Notes with Milan by Mind Map: Meeting Notes with Milan

1. Attendance

1.1. Milan Drake

1.2. Susan Mernit

1.3. Ricardo Bonilla

1.4. Isaías Rodríguez

2. Ideas

2.1. Social media internships

2.2. college class credit for your work with the program—college certification

2.3. More support for HTH to qualify for Ecco with OUSD— (maybe via charles galt?)

2.4. What if we had a spring 2017 project where we fed young people into the Milan coding corps health/tech projects very intentionally?

2.5. What if we fed A team youth into more ongoing coding corps programs?

2.6. Certification as a theme again—credential program—community college—we know this is a meme that really matters and HtH needs to learn more about it—

2.7. Also, focus group for current students who are in devbootcamp w/#yeswecode—he’d like to create some videos perhaps—maybe a project?—w/students? HMMNN…Mechki— HtH doesn’t have cacpacity for this till fall, really.

2.8. Prospect: Public Health Internship opportunities: How can we work together to get XX kids into a medical, health related opportunity? Spring 2017 opportunity? We would need/have opt to build this together.

3. Offer

3.1. GREAT OFFER Milan will facilitate any meetings with folks we want to have— He has ties to USF, UCSF etc and can be a resource—(Note: the #yeswecode #codingcorp lane is too high-level for our youth)

4. Next Steps

4.1. HtH: Share research with Milan:

4.2. TechEquity april 21 meet up

4.3. Invite to Open House April 28

4.4. Discuss internally and circle back

5. Feedback from first meeting

5.1. Milan

5.1.1. It was a pleasure sitting down with you this week. I'm excited about the possibilities to partner around tech, youth and exploration of unique pathways for sustainable careers.

5.1.2. I will follow up on two things I mentioned during the meeting while it's fresh on my mind; the social media internship and relevant research that impacts our working with youth. I'll speak to both Darla Vang and Dantia Hudson; ACHPP Program Liaison and Data and Research Manager, respectively. It is my hope that I will have some answers to any questions included in the meeting notes upon receipt in an effort to respond to you all an immediate fashion.

5.1.3. Looking forward to a great collaboration in the very near future. And thanks again for taking the time to meet with me, it was truly the highlight of my day.

5.2. Susan

5.2.1. We were thrilled to see you as well, Milan and look forward to ways to work together. You and Ricardo and Isaias can connect around the youth and upcoming programs for them; I'd like to share back some of discussions with Zakiya Harris, our chief education officer.