Jessica White

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Jessica White by Mind Map: Jessica White

1. TEDx Vienna

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2. Creativity Unlocks

2.1. Do you think that society is nurturing humanity's complexity?

2.1.1. everyone is creative

2.1.2. we all have unlimited potential allow for diversity people or media tell us that there's a form to be held

2.1.3. we all have considerable tools

2.1.4. How do we bridge the ways of expressing ourselves? example housewife somewhere on the battlefield

2.1.5. Role models not always a healthy choice 16 year old girls all want to be models we did a music show All of this creativity would have been lost if these girls only stuck to their role model aspirations There is nothing wrong with taken role models but it IS important how you imitate them

2.1.6. Provide environments that allow for safe experimentation in diversity we become co-investigators how do we foster? let it go it's own way Let go of the inhibiting factors

2.1.7. Show me love, and I'll show you love