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Gregoire Cosendai by Mind Map: Gregoire Cosendai
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Gregoire Cosendai

Gregoire Cosendai, Electrical Engineer from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, PhD on artificial hearing with electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve. 15 years of experience in neurostimulation in hearing, musculoskeletal and vision. Currently European director for Second Sight Medical Products, who is launching the first retinal implant to restore vision to the blind.

TEDx Vienna


Hopes of restoring vision to the blind

It's a lot of hard work

The Eye

45 Million blind people in the world

When we find ways to help blind people, we help everyone

The largest cause of blindness is cataracts

How does Blindness progress with RP?

How to treat RP?

Bypass Retina

To date: 30 people have received implant

What Now?