Holden Caulfield

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Holden Caulfield by Mind Map: Holden Caulfield

1. Personality

1.1. sarcastic

1.1.1. maybe tries to hide his insecureness with his sarcastic tone and hatred towards everybody

1.2. cynical

1.3. enjoys literature

1.3.1. one of the few things he actually likes

1.4. hates movies

1.5. "i could tell you all about it but i don't really feel like it"

1.6. depressed

1.6.1. isn't really precise with his depression, he just makes subtle innuendos about it.

1.7. Not into school

1.8. generally doesn't like people

2. Family

2.1. mom and dad

2.2. D.B

2.2.1. book writer in Hollywood

2.3. Pheobe

2.4. his dead brother Allie

2.4.1. might be the reason why Holden allinates himself from other teenagers.

3. Habits

3.1. smoking

3.2. drinking

3.3. poking fun at people

4. Looks

4.1. 16 years old

4.1.1. New node

4.2. tall

4.3. grey hair

5. Connections

5.1. Jane Gallagher

5.2. Sally Hayes

5.3. Mr. Antolini

5.4. People at Pencey Prep

5.4.1. Stradlater

5.4.2. Robert Ackley

6. Protagonist

7. Background

7.1. Has lived in New York his whole life

7.2. Has gone to many schools and always gets kicked out for failing classes.