Domestic Violence Speech

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Domestic Violence Speech by Mind Map: Domestic Violence Speech

1. Body

1.1. Psychological Abuse

1.1.1. Definition

1.1.2. Mother in laws: Reasons and examples

1.1.3. Husbands: Reasons and examples

1.2. Physical Abuse

1.2.1. Definiton

1.2.2. Husbands: Reasons and examples Add video about the blind woman

2. Conclusion

2.1. What is being done

2.1.1. Problems Tajikistan is having regarding domestic violence

2.1.2. Organizations

2.2. My own reflection

2.2.1. Needs to have more awareness on domestic violence

2.2.2. For a better future where domestic violence would not be accepted in the society and where women would be treated healthily and fairly by husbands and mothers-in-law

3. Preperation and Strategies

3.1. Audience: People with little or no prior knowledge of domestic violence in Tajikistan; kids.

3.2. It has to be interesting

3.2.1. Prezie

3.2.2. Info Graphic

3.2.3. Power Point

3.2.4. Add videos and pictures

3.3. It needs to be simple and understandable

3.4. Show your passion and interest in the topic

3.4.1. Speaking calmly and articulately

3.4.2. Have a good body language

3.4.3. Give a powerful hook Powerful quote of the victim A quote Analogy

3.5. Clear message

3.5.1. Domestic violence should not be accepted

4. Introduction

4.1. Introduce yourself

4.2. Introduce the topic and your thesis

4.2.1. Hook

4.2.2. Tajik women are experiencing domestic violence through psychological and physical abuse by their husbands and in-laws.

4.3. Introduce the country

4.3.1. About Tajikistan

4.3.2. Civil war

4.3.3. Impact of Civil war and how it affected women

4.4. How Civil War linked to Domestic violence

4.5. About Domestic Violence