There Will come Soft Rain

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There Will come Soft Rain by Mind Map: There Will come Soft Rain

1. Vocabulary

1.1. Silhouette- A dark shadow of something with a lighter backround

1.2. Paranoia- A mental conditions that causes one to hallucinate

1.3. Regiment- a unit of an army commanded by a colonel divided into squadrons

1.4. incinerator- an apparatus used to burn waste until it turns to ash

1.5. capillaries- blood vessels that form into a network

1.6. oblivious- being not aware of what is going on

1.7. sublime- excellence

1.8. psychopathic- a person with a mental disorder that causes abnormal behavior

2. Questions

2.1. 1. The house is a smart house

2.2. 2. Th outline of the family members

2.3. 3. Everyone was killed by a nuclear bomb

2.4. 4. Intruders

2.5. 5. Nobody feeds the dog

2.6. 6. The robot mice get rid of them

2.7. 7. Play cards and eat sandwiches

2.8. 8. They watch movies

2.9. 9. The McClellans

2.10. 10. All of the doors lock and the mice spray water everywhere

2.11. 11. "Today is August 5, 2026, today is August 5, 2026, today is..."

2.12. 12. Technology might kill all people in the future

2.13. 13. 'Post apocalyptic setting' relates because the nuclear bomb is similar to an apocalypse and the setting is like the world after everything that is living dies.

3. Plot Summary

3.1. There is a nuclear explosion near a smart house is the year 2026. Even though everyone is dead, the house seems to be working normally. The house is on a constant loop of events that replay every day. Soon after, the house burns down and everything stops working, except there is a voice that play the date over and over.

4. Quote

4.1. Quote: "The house was an altar of ten thousand attendants, big, small, servicing, attending in choirs. But the gods had gone away, and the ritual of the religion continued, senselessly, uselessly." Significance: There was nobody in the smart house but the house continued to work as if there were people still living it it.