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Devices by Mind Map: Devices

1. Hardware: Physical, seeable, tangible, pieces of equipment.

1.1. Laptop Charger

1.2. AUX Cord

1.3. Motherboard

1.4. Challenges: Issues with storage or memory. Malfunction of hardware is always a possibility. Benefits: Hardware makes all technology accessible, so the physical hardware is needed in the classroom. Without the physical hardware, there is no physical technology in the classroom and without physical technology there is no software.

2. Software: The programs and other operating information used by a computer.

2.1. Challenge: Software can be difficult to use or understand for some teachers. The programs might need to be further explained. Benefits: Ease of learning, programs to improve skills (like typing for Word, spelling and grammar).

2.2. Mac OS X Yosemite

2.3. Adobe

2.4. PhotoShop

3. Input Devices: Something that takes data in and processes it.

3.1. Keyboard

3.2. Mouse

3.3. Microphone

3.4. Challenges: I know that sometimes microphones can be difficult to work, set up and I've had personal experience with those issues. Benefits: Being able to access information from the computer with the mouse.

4. Output devices: The finished information is received as a result of the processing.

4.1. Monitor

4.2. Printer/Scanner

4.3. Faxer

4.4. Challenges: Malfunction or misinterpret of information, such as printer printing too many copies of something, faxer sending files or information to the wrong address. Benefits: Accessibility of information.