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Emma WilliamsTablets by Mind Map: Emma WilliamsTablets
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Emma WilliamsTablets

Apple's I-pad

Operating System: AppleOSi 3.2.2

CPU:Apple A4 (10 GHz)

Storage: 16, 32, 64GB

Size:9.56'x7.47'x0.53' and 1.5 lbs

Archos 101

Operation system: Android 2.2

CPU:ARM CortexA8(1.0GHz)

Storage:8, 16 GB

Size:10.63'x5.9'x0.47' and 1.06 lbs

I would buy this one if I was looking for a tablet, it is big enough so I could hit something on the screen and actually hit thing I was trying to.

Notion Ink Adam

Operation system: Android2.2

CPU:ARM CortexA9 Duel core(1.0GHz)

Storage: 16, 32 GB

Size:9.8'x 6.3'x0.55' and1.7 lbs

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Operation system:Android 2.2

CPU: ARM cortexA8(1.0GHz)

Storage: 16, 32 GB

Size: 7.48'x4.74'x0.47'and 0.84 lbs

Fusion Garage Joojoo

Operation system:GNULinux

CPU:Intel AtomN270(1.6 GHz)

Storage:4 GB

Size: 12.8'x7.8'x0.74' and 2.4 lbs