Tom Robinson

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Tom Robinson by Mind Map: Tom Robinson

1. Acts like

1.1. Kind & compassionate

1.1.1. He was realistic & respected Seemed like every time I passed yonder she'd have some little somethin' for me to do- choppin' kindlin', totin' water for her. Pg 208

1.2. He was a well spoken person having received a brief spell of education.

1.3. He was considerate. He did not want to offend people.

1.3.1. "I didn't wanta be ugly, I didn't want to push her or nothin'." Pg 212

2. Looks Like

2.1. Is an african amrerican

2.1.1. "Tom was a black-velvet Negro, not shiny, but soft black-velvet. The whites of his eyes shone in his face." Pg 210

2.2. He's crippled (left arm 12 inches than the right)

2.2.1. "His left arm was fully twelve inches shorter than his right, and hung dead at his side." Pg 202

2.3. He was tall and well built (strong)

2.3.1. "Robinson, you're pretty good at busting up chiffarobes and kindling with one had aren't you?" Pg 214.

3. Beliefs & Values

3.1. He is a very respectable person.

3.1.1. "He seemed to be a respectable negro" Pg 209

3.2. He wants to help people where he can even if it puts him out of his own duties.

3.2.1. "Mr Ewell didin't seem to help her none, and neither did the chillun." Pg 208

3.3. He is an honest person even if it doesn't help him

3.3.1. "I don't say she's lyin, Mr Gilmer, I say shes mistaken in her mind." Pg 215

4. How Others See Him

4.1. Most people saw him as innocent

4.1.1. "Hi coloured friends for one thing, and people like us. People like Judge Taylor, People like Mr Heck Tate." Pg 234

4.2. He was viewed as a vile black person

4.2.1. "You D*** morphodite, I'll kill you!" Pg 286

5. Motivated By

5.1. Tom is motivated by the Truth and Justice

5.1.1. "No suh, scared I'd hafta face up to what I didn't do." Pg 215

5.2. The goodness inside his heart to help others in need.

5.2.1. "That was mighty generous of you, you had chores at home after your regular work, didn't you?" Pg 214