What is your wildest holiday dream?

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What is your wildest holiday dream? by Mind Map: What is your wildest holiday dream?

1. Under the ocean for a month or to a remote island with no human contact, or to space, because i want to go somewhere where i don't have to look at people. I can't ever go to the bottom of the ocean and swim around in there so I wanna do that. The remote island is because I like nature, or to space because I want to find aliens. Anything is better than Hong Kong

2. Go to Bhutan, because Bhutan is the happiest country.

3. US

4. Maldives because it's a very beautiful place. I love the sea

5. Go to Finnland

6. Go to Denmark

7. Maldives W island because it's far away from Hong Kong and it's a beautiful place.

8. Go to Maldives

9. London because can watch international football competition.