Agriculture & Global Climate Change

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Agriculture & Global Climate Change by Mind Map: Agriculture & Global Climate Change

1. Impacts

1.1. Temperature

1.1.1. Increased temperature Exceed optimal condition for plant growth Speed of development increased Increased pests

1.2. Rainfall

1.2.1. Increased water level Lesser land Deforestation

1.3. CO2 fertilization

1.3.1. Affects efficiency of photosynthesis

1.3.2. Decrease in water requirement Reduced crop yields

1.3.3. Ozone Makes reactive molecules Destroy Rubisco which is vital for photosynthesis to occur Comes from fossil fuels

2. Measures took

2.1. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

2.1.1. Led by United Kingdom Acess any scientific evidence for any global warming trend and determine its possible causes

2.1.2. Led by Soviet Union Analyze the environmental economic and social impacts of climate change

2.1.3. Led by United States Identify and evaluate legal, technical, financial, economic and educational measures to impose response strategies, including possibilities of future framework convention on climate change

2.2. Clean Energy

2.2.1. Change ways of energy production

3. Relationship between Climate Change & Agriculture

3.1. Deforestation

3.1.1. Causes Change in hydrological cycles Change in precipitation patterns

3.1.2. Ways Cutting down Tedious & expensive Burning Cheaper, easier & faster Releases large amount of carbon dioxide

3.2. Release of green house gases from agricultural activities

3.2.1. Sea level rises Crops cannot hold the carbon in anaerobic conditions during wet seasons Carbon converted into methane