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Web Development by Mind Map: Web Development

1. Basic Front End

1.1. Front End Developer

1.1.1. CSS Tools Precompilers: SASS / LESS / Stylus CSS Frameworks: [ Bootstrap] / Foundation / Bourbon w Neat / Gumby / Skeleton Responsive Design with CSS

1.1.2. Frond End Build Tools Task Runners Gulp Grunt Dependency Management Browserify Webpack Require.js / AMD Bower/package management Front-End Performance

1.1.3. MV* Javascript Frameworks React.js / Flux Angular.js Backbone.js Ember.js Unit Testing Mocha Jasmine Karma Mithril Ractive Clojurescript

1.2. HTML

1.3. CSS

1.4. Javascript Fundamentals

1.4.1. jQuery

2. No Matter Which Route You Take

2.1. FTP & Web Host Setup

2.2. Basic Terminal Usage

2.3. Basic SSH

2.4. Github Basics

2.5. Learn How Client & Server Talk To Each Other

2.6. RESTful Web Services / GET POST PUT DELETE requests

3. Back End

3.1. Upcoming Languages

3.1.1. Go a.k.a. GoLang

3.1.2. Scala

3.1.3. Erlang

3.1.4. Rust

3.2. Unit/Functional Testing for Chosen Technology

3.3. C# (.net)

3.4. Python (Django)

3.5. Java (Spring, Grails, Play)

3.6. PHP (Laravel, Symfony2, Nette, CodeIgniter, PHPixie)

3.7. (Node.js /,Express.js /Hapi.js / Koa.js / Sails.js)

3.8. Dev Ops

3.8.1. Web Platforms Digital Ocean Rackspace Amazon Web Services Heroku Azure EngineYard Google App Engine Nodejitsu OpenShift

3.8.2. Server Management (configuration management or CM) Salt Puppet Chef Ansible Linux Docker

3.8.3. Dev Ops Workflows [Docker ](containerized applications and databases) CoreOS, Mesos (Cloud Computing) Docker-Machine Docker-Swarm Docker-Compose Kubernetes Mesosphere Panamax Continuous Integration GitHub Hook Deployment Travis CI / Jenkins [Vagrant (local environment developmet) Capistrano (deployment with Ruby) Fabric (deployment python based) [Flightplan (deployment node based)] Deployment Strategies

3.9. Ruby (Ruby on Rails, Sinatra)

3.10. Databases

3.10.1. Caching Nginx (Server) Apache (Server) Database (Redis) In-Memory

3.10.2. MySQL

3.10.3. MongoDB

3.10.4. Redis / sessions / caching

3.10.5. PostgreSQL

3.10.6. Cassandra

3.11. Things to Learn

3.11.1. API's / RESTful Services

3.11.2. Security

3.11.3. Authorization/Authentication OAUTH2 JSON WebToken

3.11.4. SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) / Microservices

3.11.5. Deploying your app

3.11.6. websocket