Internet Safety Tips :)

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Internet Safety Tips :) by Mind Map: Internet Safety Tips :)

1. Don't add people you don't know in real life.

1.1. You never know who they are

2. Privacy Settings

2.1. Make your privacy settings so that only your friends can see your profile

2.2. Dont let strangers add u because you don't know who they are

3. Social networking websites

3.1. Facebook

3.2. Bebo

3.3. Piczo

3.4. MSN

3.5. ebuddy

3.6. Myspace

3.6.1. New node

3.7. Twitter

4. What to do if you are being bullied online

4.1. Tell someone

4.2. Block or delete and report the person

4.3. Save the messages for evidence

5. Signs of cyber-bullying

5.1. Rude messages

5.2. Dares

5.3. insults