Legal system of Korea

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Legal system of Korea by Mind Map: Legal system of Korea

1. Democracy

1.1. political form of government in which governing power is derived from the people

1.2. The term comes from the Greek

2. History

2.1. the most recent of which was in 1987 at the beginning of the Sixth Republic.

2.2. 26 September 1949

2.2.1. The Court Organization Act, which was passed into law on

2.3. The revised Constitution of 1987

2.3.1. guaranteed that judges would not be removed from office for any reason other than impeachment, criminal acts, or incapacity

3. Judicial system

3.1. Municipal Courts

3.2. District Courts

3.3. Branch Courts

3.4. High Courts

3.5. Judges

3.6. Supreme Court

4. Civil Rights

4.1. Chapter II

4.1.1. freedom of speech, religion, assembly, and the press; the rights to vote, hold public office, and petition the government; protections against double jeopardy, involuntary labor, ex post facto laws, and warrantless searches of residences; and the rights of education, work, marriage, and health

5. Criminal Law

5.1. Penal Code

5.1.1. originally enacted in 1953

5.1.2. undergone little revision

6. Private Law

6.1. the civil code

6.1.1. enacted in 1960

6.2. the commerce code

7. International Laws and Treaties

7.1. Article 6 of the Constitution