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Callie's Mind Map Vocab Project by Mind Map: Callie's Mind Map Vocab Project
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Callie's Mind Map Vocab Project

Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution began in the mid 1700’s because machinery was being used for production instead of man-made labor.

Population Growth

Population Growth Rate

Population Growth Rate is the rate at which something is growing.

The Black Plaque

The Black Plague was a period in time where the population decreased drastically due to a disease that spread throughout Europe.

Levels of Orginization

1. Organism

2. Population

3. Community

4. Ecosystem

5. Biome

6. Biosphere


Grassland/ Savanna




Freshwater Biome

Marine Biome

Coniferous Forest

Temperate Deciduous Forest

Food Chains

Food chains only show you one feeding relationship in an ecosystem to the next.

Trophic Levels



Primary Consumer


Secondary Consumer


Tertiary Consumer


Food Webs

Food Webs show you the many feeding relationships in an ecosytem.

Biotic/Abiotic Factors


Something that is living, was living, or a part of something that is living.


Something that is not living, never was living, and never will be living.


The variety of organisms in a geographic area. Biodiversity provides humans unlimited souces of food, fibers for clothing, and medicines.

Ecological Succession

Ecological Succession is the process in which organisms in an ecosystem change over time.

Primary Succession

Primary Succession occurs in places where an ecosystem has never existed.

Secondary Succession

Secondary Succession is the process that begins in an ecosytem after it has been destroyed or damaged.


Hot spots

An area of land that

Limiting Factors

Limiting Factors are biotic/abiotic factors of the enviorment that prevent or limit the continuous growth of a population or species.

Carrying Capacity

Carrying Capacity is the number of individuals in an ecosystem that it can support.



Exponential Growth occurs when there is a sudden increase in a population that keeps increasing at a rapid rate.


Logistic Growth occurs when a fast growing population reaches it's carrying capacity and evens off, staying at the same rate.


Sustainability means to support an environment. This goes along with growth because our next revolution needs to be sustainability because we need to  preserve our natural resourses and limit our growth before it's too late.

Water Pollution

Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies.

Point Source

Point source pollution is pollution that comes from a single source or an identifiable source.

Non-point Source

Non-point Source pollution is a large amount of water pollution that comes from many different sources.


An aquifer is a wet, underground layer of water.