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Giant Panda by Mind Map: Giant Panda
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Giant Panda

Countries Where Giant Panda is Found



Terrestrial(Land Creatures)

Nocturnal (Awake at Night and Sleep During the Day)

Attack Humans Because of Irritation

Unlike Other Bears, They Do not Hibernate

Causes of Endangerment

People Destroying Bamboo Forests

Habitat Loss

Human Urban Development


Mountains of China

Very Rare

Found No Where Else on Earth

Used to be in South and East China



They Love Bamboo Stems and Leaves

Diet consists of 95% of Bamboo

Diet Consists of 5% of Mushrooms, Flowers, Fish etc


Loss of Habitat


Low Rates of Reproductin



Stands 1 Metre Tall

Females Weigh 100kg

Males Weigh 115kg

Fur is Black and White

Short Muzzle

Large Patches for Black Eye Fur

Extra Thumb Hidden Inside of Paw


Life Span

They Live 35 Years in Captivity

Scientists Are Not Sure How Many Years They Live in the Wild

Action Plan

Plant a Tree

Use Technology Instead Of Paper

Don't Waste Paper!

Make a Donation to Save the Giant Panda and Other Animals That Are Endangered


That's A Cool Fact!

French Name For Giant Panda is " Panda Géant "

Latin Name For Panda is "Ailuropoda Melanoluca"

Kingdom: Animalia