Science, Technology, Inventions, and new organizations in Canadian History

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Science, Technology, Inventions, and new organizations in Canadian History by Mind Map: Science, Technology, Inventions, and new organizations in Canadian History

1. 1930-1940

1.1. in 1930

1.1.1. Pablum was invented by Frederick Tisdall, Theodore Drake, and Alan Brown Pablum is processed cereal for infants

1.2. In 1931

1.2.1. William Chalmers invented methyl methacrylate Which allowed Plexiglass to be more practical

1.3. In 1932

1.3.1. Easy-Off Oven Cleaner was invented by Herbert McCool in Regina in 1932.

1.4. In 1936

1.4.1. The Chrysler Canada assembly plant began vehicle assembly

1.4.2. The zipper was invented by Gideon Sundback

1.5. In 1937

1.5.1. National passenger air service was introduced by Trans-Canada Airlines

1.5.2. Donald Lewes Hings invented a portable radio signaling device for his employer which he called the Packset. This is now known as the Walkie Tallkie He later developed a better walkie talkie for soldiers to use in World War 2

1.5.3. The snowmobile was invented by Joseph-Armand Bombardier

1.6. In 1939

1.6.1. The first electron microscope was by James Hillier and Arthur Prebus

1.7. The table hockey game was invented

1.7.1. by Canadian Donald Munro in the 1930's

2. 1940-1950

2.1. In 1940

2.1.1. The paint roller was invented by Norman Breakley

2.2. In 1941

2.2.1. The anti-gravity suit was invented by Wilbur Rounding Franks Which was used in World War 2, and all current pilot and astronaut suits were based off of it helped Also known as the G-Suit

2.3. In 1942

2.3.1. Nylon yarn was first manufactured by DuPont Canada and used in parachutes to make nylon stockings

2.4. In 1947

2.4.1. The first wheelchair accessible bus was invented by Walter Harris Callow

2.4.2. Oil production began after the major discovery in Alberta

2.5. in 1949

2.5.1. The heart pacemaker was invented by Jack Hopps Which kept a patient's heart beating during experiments or operation Was too big to fit in a patient but it worked very well

2.5.2. The pager was invented by Alfred J. Gross

2.6. Many Canadian inventions originated from World War 2

2.6.1. Such as Anti-fog windshield fluid Electro-thermal de-icers for aircraft propellers Powdered milk, powdered egg and preserved bacon an anti-roll stabilizer for an anti-submarine weapon. 90% synthetic rubber

3. 1950-1960

3.1. In 1951

3.1.1. The cobalt bomb was invented

3.2. In 1950

3.2.1. The garbage bag was invented by Harry Wasylyk

3.3. In 1952

3.3.1. The electric wheelchair was invented by George Klein

3.4. In 1954

3.4.1. The Alkaline Batterie was invented by Lewis Urry

3.5. In 1955

3.5.1. CBCTV introduced instant replays for hockey games Which is now used in every sport broadcast

3.6. In 1959

3.6.1. The goalie mask was invented by Jacques Plante

4. 1960-1980

4.1. In the 1960's

4.1.1. The Beartrap for helicopters was created for the Royal Canadian Navy This hauldown device helped helicopters land on moving carriers

4.2. In 1960 the football goalpost was invented in Canada

4.2.1. by James Trimble

4.3. in 1967

4.3.1. Multi-Dynamic Image Technique was invented by Christopher Chapman

4.4. In 1968

4.4.1. IMax Movie system was co invented by Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, and Robert Kerr

4.5. In 1962

4.5.1. Instant mashed potatoes were created by a Canadian named Edward Asselbergs

4.6. In the 1970's

4.6.1. Canola was developed

4.7. In 1971

4.7.1. A better version of the prosthetic hand was invented by Helmut Lucas

4.8. In 1976

4.8.1. First home desktop computer was introduced

5. 1980-2000

5.1. in 1981

5.1.1. The Canadarm was invented by SPAR Aerospace

5.1.2. The blue recycling box is made

5.2. 1987

5.2.1. Pealess whistle is made by Ron Foxcroft

5.2.2. The Newtsuit was made by Phil Nuytten which allowed for people to go deep in water without being affected by high pressure

5.2.3. The infinite guitar was made by Michael Brooke

5.3. In 1990

5.3.1. The first web search engine was made Called Archie made by Alan Emtage

5.3.2. Explosive vapour detector was made by Lome ellas

5.4. In 1993

5.4.1. The fingerprint reader was made by Biocrypt Inc.

5.5. in 1995.

5.5.1. The NRC and Hughes developed and built MSAT Which is a Mobile communications satellite

5.5.2. James Gosling created Java Which is a programming language Used by many companies such as Microsoft or IBM

5.6. In 1996

5.6.1. CADPAT was created Which was the first computer generated camouflage Digital Camo

5.7. In 1999

5.7.1. The blackberry phone was made

6. 2000-present

6.1. In 2002

6.1.1. The NHL was founded in Montreal Canada

6.2. In 2001

6.2.1. the interchangeable head screwdriver was made by GEORGE H CLUTHE

6.3. In 2006

6.3.1. The Uno Motorcycle was made by Ben Gulak

6.4. In 2008

6.4.1. Atomic Energy Of Canada created the Canada Deuterium Uranium Which is a  pressurized heavy water reactor used for generating electric power

7. 1914-1930

7.1. Technology Advancements For

7.1.1. The Automobile during the roaring twenties, there were over one million cars in Canada Which

7.1.2. World War 1 By Canadian Inventor Dr. Cluny MacPherson Wallace Rupert Turnbull Sir Charles Ross

7.1.3. Medicine by a few scientest Who