French Canada throughout the 20th Century

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French Canada throughout the 20th Century by Mind Map: French Canada throughout the 20th Century

1. Politics

1.1. there are important

1.1.1. Political Events such as the Referendum The Quiet revolution (La Revolution Tranquille) October Crisis

1.2. there are many

1.2.1. Political Parties they are federal like Bloc Quebecois they are provincial like Parti Quebecois Union Nationale

2. Food

2.1. many traditional foods from Quebec came from before the 20th century, but the ones that were created during the 20th century are:

2.1.1. Poutine Two people claim to have invented poutine Eddy Lainesse Jean-Paul Roy which was first sold by the restaurant chain Frits in 1985, but the company went under in 1988 included on Burger King's menu in 1987 when  Jean-Louis Roy convinced the Burger King he was a franchisee of to add it made into Canada's national dish

2.1.2. Pouding Chômeur it translates to "poor man's pudding" was created by factory workers during the Great Depression was not very popular outside of Quebec. The farthest it got in the 20th century was a cookbook in Ontario. In 2010 American started to pick up on this dish and it became very popular. is incredibly simple and made with few ingredients

3. Litterature

3.1. there are two different styles that are popuar

3.1.1. At the turn of the 19th century, poetry was extremely popular a famous poet is Émile NellIigan, who produced over 170 peoms in three years a style of poetry is "poetry of the soil", which became extremely popular

3.1.2. "Le Chandail de hockey" by Roch Carrier is one of Quebec's most treasured stories that is fiction style it was written in 1979 made into a video by the National Film Board so populrar that Images of it are on the Canadian $5 bill

4. Music

4.1. includes

4.1.1. Orchestras and choirs some are Montréal (later National) Opera Company Disciples de Massenet of Montréal Société canadienne d'opérette of Montréal orchestre symphonique de montréal

4.1.2. Musical Artists three of the most famous are Félix Leclerc La Bolduc (real name Mary Travers) Gilles Vigneault

5. Cinema

5.1. there are famous directors like

5.1.1. Claude Jutra who Made films to support the sovereignty of Quebec The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television's Claude Jutra Award was named after him The Prix Jutra was named after him

5.1.2. Gilles Carle won many awards like In 1972 Carle won the Canadian Film Award for best Director for his "The True Nature of Bernadette" In 1989 won the Short Film Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival  for "50 ans" In 1990 he won the  Prix Albert-Tessier award In 1997,he won the Governor General's Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement

6. Sport

6.1. includes

6.1.1. Olympic Games which Canada Enters it's First Team into it in 1908 Montreal hostss in 1976

6.1.2. Different Sports like Hockey Baseball Soccer Football

6.1.3. Athletes such as Maurice "Rocket" Richard Gaëtan Boucher Sylvie Bernier Carolyn Waldo Myriam Bédard

7. War

7.1. The Main issue with French Canada was

7.1.1. Conscription it was took place in World War 1 World War 2