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Tech Hui NZ 2008 by Mind Map: Tech Hui NZ 2008
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Tech Hui NZ 2008

3rd annual Tech Hui

Webcast live to schools across NZ



Keynote Speakers

Guests from schools, government & media





Bringing New Connections

Lifelong learning & Education

Innovation through collaboration

We are all neighbours now in an interconnected world


Managing Directrix - Mohawk Media

Cover tech on web, radio & tv. 10 yrs

First BBC Basic at 8

First Biz at 18

First Online in 1993

First Online Biz at 21 back in 1994.

About to launch a weekly g33k show

Love working with tech.

Proud to be a geek


Paul Brislen

Tim Copeland

Brenda Leeuwenberg

Pete Rive

Also Ryan & Kyal

+ student presentations

Introduce Paul Brislen