Tools Needed for ISO 15926

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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Tools Needed for ISO 15926 by Mind Map: Tools Needed for ISO 15926

1. Features

2. System Similes

3. Problems to solve

3.1. Business Expert Users (who want to see, use and map reference data in their terms, but do not care about Parts 2 or 7)

3.2. Reference Data Manager / Experts (who care about the managability of standardized reference data)

3.3. End Users (who do not want to know they are using 15926)

3.4. Ontology / Modelling Experts (who want flexible use constrained only by Parts 2 and 7)

4. Questions to answer

4.1. Wizard-Style Q&A for Mapping / Selection / Population functions

4.2. Query-Building Q&A for general search / view / report functions