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Our New Game - Aztec Empire by Mind Map: Our New Game - Aztec Empire
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Our New Game - Aztec Empire

Type of game



Additional tasks

like the Game of Life

Up to 4 players

Challenges on cards

Multiple intelligences e.g. like Cranium


1. players move round the board using dice and counters

2. players stop at randomly placed hazards and take a challenge (described on a card chosen from a pack)

3. Players advance round the board or move backwards depending on the outcome of the challenge

4. Challenges involve a variety of activities including making, drawing, acting, speaking, spelling etc. Players receive rewards for successfully completing challenges

5. The winning player completes at least 5 circuits of the board and collects at least 5 rewards

6. Players can pass challenges to each other. If another player is successful the reward is doubled.


1. Spelling

2. Role Play

3. Making

artefacts associated with the Aztecs

4. Speaking Spanish

Terms used by Invaders

Words related to South America

5. Knowledge

Facts about the Aztecs

Facts about the Spanish invaders

6. Problem-solving



The Aztecs

Players are Aztecs fighting to survive against the Spanish invaders