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Bee Branch by Mind Map: Bee Branch

1. Tris Prior from Divergent

1.1. Tris and Bee both are very determinated

1.1.1. Throughout all the Divergent book Tris always fights for her life and the people she loves. She does whatever she can to fight for everyone and she never fails to stay determined.

1.1.2. Bee Branch is determined to find her mom, even when people tell her she can't and her dad is positive she is dead she still searches.

2. Hazel Grace Lancaster from The Faults In Our Stars

2.1. Hazel Grace and Bee Branch are both fighters

2.1.1. Hazel Grace is constantly fighting for her life through all the obstacles she faces she never gives up without a fight, even if it seems like the easier choice.

2.1.2. Bee Branch fights for what she believes in and never stops. People, including her father, tell her to give up, and that she must of passed away. But, she never gives up, even if it would just be easier and she can just go back to school and try to get back to her normal life, she doesn't give up, she fights.

3. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

3.1. Bee Branch and Katniss both would do anything for their families.

3.1.1. Katniss volunteered to go the Hunger Games because her sister got chosen.

3.1.2. Bee Branch doesn't focus on school and doesn't focus on doing well on her first year of her dream boarding school because she wants to find her mom.

4. Mona Vanderwaal (at the begging of the series) from Pretty Little Liars

4.1. Mona is very concentrated on school and doesn't have friends and is considered weird by other girls.

4.2. Bee Branch is focused on school and boarding school and that is about it, she doesn't socialize very much and she doesn't have friends and might be a little odd

5. Belly Conklin (books 1 and 2) from The Summer I Turned Pretty

5.1. Both Belly and Bee were having  good, smooth running lives until a dramatic event altered it all.

5.1.1. Belly enjoyed every summer up at her summer house with her mom's best friend, who she considers her aunt, along with her sons. It was all fun and games until the woman whom she once considered her aunt due to their close relationship died of cancer. At that point, everything had changed.

5.1.2. Bee really enjoyed her everyday life and had fun, until her mom disapeared.