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Making suggestions by Mind Map: Making suggestions
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Making suggestions

I think we should + infinitive

I think we should use wireless keyboard.

I think we should install new operating system.

I think we should buy new web cam, because this one is broken.

Let`s + infinitive

Let`s find another server.

Let`s try this new video player.

Let`s go to the market and buy new computer equipment.

Supporting suggestions

That`s good idea.

Yeah, why not?

I`d love to.

Not supporting suggestions

Sorry, I don`t think that`s a good antivirus to you.

I don`t like your idea because it will not work on the Windows 7.

Well, I`d rather work in Photoshop than in Paint.

I`m afraid that you'll have to restart your computer.

Making a different suggestion

Why don`t we use Google Chrome instead?

How about installing Linox instead?

I think we should use iTunes instead.

I advise you to search that in Google.

A video about making suggestions

Here you can check how good you are in making suggestions?

Ask a questions

What about + -ing

Shall we + infinitive

Why don`t we + infinitive