Making suggestions

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Making suggestions by Mind Map: Making suggestions

1. I think we should + infinitive

1.1. I think we should use wireless keyboard.

1.2. I think we should install new operating system.

1.3. I think we should buy new web cam, because this one is broken.

2. Let`s + infinitive

2.1. Let`s find another server.

2.2. Let`s try this new video player.

2.3. Let`s go to the market and buy new computer equipment.

3. Supporting suggestions

3.1. That`s good idea.

3.2. Yeah, why not?

3.3. I`d love to.

4. Not supporting suggestions

4.1. Sorry, I don`t think that`s a good antivirus to you.

4.2. I don`t like your idea because it will not work on the Windows 7.

4.3. Well, I`d rather work in Photoshop than in Paint.

4.4. I`m afraid that you'll have to restart your computer.

5. Making a different suggestion

5.1. Why don`t we use Google Chrome instead?

5.2. How about installing Linox instead?

5.3. I think we should use iTunes instead.

5.4. I advise you to search that in Google.

6. A video about making suggestions

7. Here you can check how good you are in making suggestions?

8. Ask a questions

8.1. What about + -ing

8.1.1. What about using this new version of Skype?

8.1.2. What about cleaning your recycle bin?

8.1.3. What about choosing this new theme for your desktop?

8.2. Shall we + infinitive

8.2.1. Shall we install this new antivirus program?

8.2.2. Shall we call the support department?

8.2.3. Shall we backup our data?

8.3. Why don`t we + infinitive

8.3.1. Why don`t we sell this computer and buy a new laptop?

8.3.2. Why don't we replace this monitor with a bigger one?

8.3.3. Why don't we start a new livestream?