Sav More check out (red means bad, green means good)

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Sav More check out (red means bad, green means good) by Mind Map: Sav More check out (red means bad, green means good)

1. need self check out

1.1. wouldn't need as many cashiers

1.2. could get jammed and end up taking longer

1.3. lack of knowledge

1.4. easy acces to steeling

1.5. can't get angry at the cashier for being slow

2. need more cashier stands

2.1. need to make the store bigger

2.2. need more cashiers

2.3. lines would go by faster

2.4. lines would be shorter

3. need to create express line

3.1. people on their lunch breaks could in and out faster

3.2. people in a hurry wouldn't have to wait behind a person with a full chart

3.3. angry people for being able to get into the express line

4. grab a number once you're done shopping

4.1. may keep looking

4.2. need to call out numbers in at least two languages

4.3. may loose number

4.4. run out of numbers

4.5. don't have to wait in line

4.6. get tiered of waiting for number to be called and leave.

5. play a movie by cashier stands

5.1. adults and kids could be entertained

5.2. lines would move slower because people would be distracted

6. remove add ons fromthe end of aisles

6.1. not that much work is needed

6.2. makes more standing room

6.3. less advertisement