Sonia Avina Top Five Netbooks

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Sonia Avina Top Five Netbooks by Mind Map: Sonia Avina Top Five Netbooks

1. HP Mini 5102

1.1. Starting Price $399

1.2. Pros: last more than 10 hours on a charge.

1.3. Cons:it doesn’t really outperform competitors

2. Starting Price $199

2.1. HP Mini 311 (Windows 7)

2.2. Pros:high-definition video and mainstream games, and you can even edit movies at a pretty fast clip.

2.3. Cons:This version of the Mini 311 has shorter battery life than its XP cousin,

3. Top five Netbooks

3.1. ASUS Eee PC 1001P

3.2. Starting Price $299

3.3. Pros:

3.3.1. A slick design, roomy keyboard, and long battery life make this netbook an excellent value.

3.4. Cons:

3.4.1. Single touchpad button Smaller hard drive

3.5. Toshiba mini NB305

3.6. Starting Price:$399

3.7. Pros:Sleeker design than predecessor Comfortable keyboard

3.8. Cons:Sluggish boot time Shorter battery life than previous model

3.9. Acer Aspire One 532h

3.10. Starting Price $349

3.11. Pros:stylish design and over 8 hours of battery life for a lower price.

3.12. Cons:Single touchpad button Smaller hard drive

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