Mobile Apps For the Early Childhood Classroom by: Quincy BeVelle

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Mobile Apps For the Early Childhood Classroom by: Quincy BeVelle by Mind Map: Mobile Apps For the Early Childhood Classroom by: Quincy BeVelle

1. Sight Word Tools

1.1. Sight Word Ninja This app allows students to make sight word recognition a "game" of slicing and dicing sight words they have been working on.

1.2. Magnetic ABC: This app allows students to build words as they would with magnetic letters, but instead of the letters spread out everywhere they are kept neatly on a device.

1.3. Trace It, Try It: This app allows students to trace and then try words independently. This is also great for letter and number recognition.

2. Reading Tools:

2.1. C. Collins Big Cat: This app provides students with interactive books to improve reading skills.

2.2. Draw Your Stories: This app allows students stories to come to life and be their own "book". Students will enjoy engages in their book and their classmates books.

3. Writing tools

3.1. Doodle Buddy: This app allows students an alternative form of writing. This may get them more engaged when writing their letters, numbers, or sight words.

3.2. Story Kit: This app allows students to create their own stories on a device. They are table to be the author and illustrator

3.3. Alphabet Fun: This app helps students practice handwriting while also practicing letter and number recognition.

4. Math Tools:

4.1. Todo K-2 Math Practice: This app provides extra practice on concepts taught between kindergarten and 2nd grade.

4.2. Virtual Manipulative:!/id471341079?mt=8 This app provides digital manipulatives for the student to assist in math computation.

5. Assistive Technology

5.1. Dragon Dictation: This app helps students who have difficulty writing. It captures and documents what the student says.

5.2. Proloquo2go: This app provides students with disabilities regarding communication a library of symbols and tex to speech conversation features to help them communicate more effectively.

5.3. Speak It:!-text-to-speech/id308629295?mt=8 This app reads text out loud to students. It gives nonverbal students a chance to have a voice.