Mobile Apps For the Early Childhood Classroom by: Quincy BeVelle

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Mobile Apps For the Early Childhood Classroom by: Quincy BeVelle by Mind Map: Mobile Apps For the Early Childhood Classroom by: Quincy BeVelle

1. Writing tools

1.1. Doodle Buddy: This app allows students an alternative form of writing. This may get them more engaged when writing their letters, numbers, or sight words.

1.2. Story Kit: This app allows students to create their own stories on a device. They are table to be the author and illustrator

1.3. Alphabet Fun: This app helps students practice handwriting while also practicing letter and number recognition.

2. Math Tools:

2.1. Todo K-2 Math Practice: This app provides extra practice on concepts taught between kindergarten and 2nd grade.

2.2. Virtual Manipulative:!/id471341079?mt=8 This app provides digital manipulatives for the student to assist in math computation.

3. Assistive Technology

3.1. Dragon Dictation: This app helps students who have difficulty writing. It captures and documents what the student says.

3.2. Proloquo2go: This app provides students with disabilities regarding communication a library of symbols and tex to speech conversation features to help them communicate more effectively.

3.3. Speak It:!-text-to-speech/id308629295?mt=8 This app reads text out loud to students. It gives nonverbal students a chance to have a voice.

4. Sight Word Tools

4.1. Sight Word Ninja This app allows students to make sight word recognition a "game" of slicing and dicing sight words they have been working on.

4.2. Magnetic ABC: This app allows students to build words as they would with magnetic letters, but instead of the letters spread out everywhere they are kept neatly on a device.

4.3. Trace It, Try It: This app allows students to trace and then try words independently. This is also great for letter and number recognition.

5. Reading Tools:

5.1. C. Collins Big Cat: This app provides students with interactive books to improve reading skills.

5.2. Draw Your Stories: This app allows students stories to come to life and be their own "book". Students will enjoy engages in their book and their classmates books.