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Adjetives by Mind Map: Adjetives

1. Short adjetives

1.1. Tall

1.1.1. This tree is as tall as my house (Igualdad)

1.1.2. This tree is less tall than that building (Inferioridad)

1.1.3. This tree is taller than me (Superioridad)

1.1.4. This tree is the tallest of my city (Superlativo)

1.2. Strong

1.2.1. Mark is as strong as Peter (Igualdad)

1.2.2. Mark is less strong than Peter (Inferioridad)

1.2.3. Mark is stronger than Peter (Superioridad)

1.2.4. Mark is the strongest  man in the world (Superlativo)

1.3. short

1.3.1. My dog is less short than my shoes (Inferioridad)

1.3.2. My dog is as short as my cat (Igualdad)

1.3.3. My dog is shorter than my horse (Superioridad)

1.3.4. My dog is the shortest pet in my house (Superlativo)

1.4. Old

1.4.1. My book is as old as my grandfather (Igualdad)

1.4.2. My book is less old than the bible (Inferioridad)

1.4.3. My book is older than my sister (Superioridad)

1.4.4. my book is oldest book of my library (Superlativo)

1.5. Cheap

1.5.1. The red dress is as cheap as this bag (Igualdad)

1.5.2. The red dress is less cheap than this belt (Inferioridad)

1.5.3. The red dress is cheaper than the blue dress

1.5.4. The red dress is  the cheapest dress of the store (Superlativo)

2. Long Adjetives

2.1. difficult

2.1.1. Math is as difficult as phisics subject (Igualdad)

2.1.2. Math is less difficult than chemical subject (Inferioridad)

2.1.3. Math is more difficult than english subject (Superioridad)

2.1.4. Math is the most difficult subject of the college (Superlativo)

2.2. beautiful

2.2.1. Luisa is as beautiful as her mother (Igualdad)

2.2.2. Luisa is less beautiful than her sister (Inferioridad)

2.2.3. Luisa is more beautiful than her friend (Superioridad)

2.2.4. Luisa is the most beautiful girl of the school (Superlativo)

2.3. elegant

2.3.1. My father is as elegant as his boss (Igualdad)

2.3.2. My father is less elegant than James bond (Inferioridad)

2.3.3. My father is more elegant than my brother (Superioridad)

2.3.4. My father is the most elegant of my family (Superlativo)

2.4. expensive

2.4.1. The car is as expensive as a plane (Igualdad)

2.4.2. The car is less expensive than my house (Inferioridad)

2.4.3. The car is more expensive than my bicycle (Superioridad)

2.4.4. The car is the most expensive of the store (Superlativo)

2.5. interesting

2.5.1. The movie is as interesting as the TV show (Igualdad)

2.5.2. The movie is less interesting than the book (Inferioridad)

2.5.3. The movie is more interesting than the theater play (Superioridad)

2.5.4. The movie is the most interesting of the year (Superlativo)