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Clay Shirky "Publishing is for Acting" by Mind Map: Clay Shirky "Publishing is for Acting"
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Clay Shirky "Publishing is for Acting"

Media is not only about broadcasting information but has the option to trigger collective action

publishing is for everybody = paradigm shift in cult history

publishing is for acting!

2way groups = gfn

before either groupforming or 2way. Telephone is 2way but not groupforming; broadcasting is grouforming but not 2way

group actions became easier

complexity of groupforming and its relief

comp. David P. Reed

classic means of mastering it: hierarchy

internet (example: reply all) can solve that

patterns of group action

in terms of efforts for the individual to coordinate a group. the internet improves the context for these patterns. group action can create media.


example: delicious has lowered h threshold for the individual. social aspects are an afterthought. (Stowe Boyd: me first). Personal utility (benefit); social effects are an aggregate based on the sheer amount of links


CS: "every url is a latent community"


collaborative effort, division of labor

collective action

the rarest pattern. it's about all elements of group-activity plus. the moment everybody has the same information, is synced, you are prepared for action (=one click away from action, be it signing etc.)