Clay Shirky "Publishing is for Acting"

Clay Shirky's presentation on his new book. "Here comes everybody".

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Clay Shirky "Publishing is for Acting" by Mind Map: Clay Shirky "Publishing is for Acting"

1. publishing is for everybody = paradigm shift in cult history

1.1. 2way groups = gfn

1.2. group actions became easier

2. complexity of groupforming and its relief

2.1. classic means of mastering it: hierarchy

2.2. internet (example: reply all) can solve that

2.2.1. adoption took long groups are conservative

3. patterns of group action

3.1. Sharing

3.1.1. Reverse model: share and ag(con)gregate

3.2. conversation

3.2.1. sharing + optional conversation

3.3. collaboration

3.4. collective action

3.4.1. entertainment

3.4.2. political action