Cuadrilla Resources

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Cuadrilla Resources by Mind Map: Cuadrilla Resources

1. Brabant Resources

1.1. EPN (Energie Participatie Nederland) (40%)

1.2. Well Services B.V.

1.2.1. Coil Services B.V.

1.2.2. PNS Holding B.V.

1.2.3. Martin Dronfield (CEO)

1.3. Contracters

1.3.1. Oranjewoud

2. Management team

2.1. Operations

2.1.1. Eric Vaughan (VP Well Services Group) Evergreen Well Services Inc (founder)

2.1.2. Francis Egan (General Manager and VP Operations) Eastern Reservoir Service (ERS) (President) Schlumberger

2.2. Technology

2.2.1. Prof Marc Bustin (General Manager Technology) East West Petroleum Corporation Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada CBM Solutions (founder) Avare Energy (advisor)

2.2.2. Mike Much (VP Engineering & Completions) BJ Services (USA) Pioneer Natural Resources

2.2.3. Dr Peter Turner (VP Exploration) University of Birmingham (head of the Petroleum Geosciences Unit)

2.3. Managers

2.3.1. Dr Chris Cornelius (CEO and Founder) NOWSCO Well Service Inc. DESC Resources (2004, founder) Papuan Precious Metals Corporation

2.3.2. Mr Dennis Carlton (Executive Director) Evergreen Resources

2.3.3. Ken Lowe (Netherlands Company Manager)

3. Investors

3.1. Funds

3.1.1. Riverstone/Carlyle Global Energy and Power Funds (56,95%) Riverstone Holdings Lord John Browne AJ Lucas

3.2. The Carlyle Group

4. Explorations

4.1. Netherlands

4.1.1. London-Brabant High and West Netherlands Sub-basin of the Anglo-Dutch Basin Boxtel New node Haaren

4.2. Spain

4.2.1. Pyrenean Foothills

4.3. UK

4.3.1. Weald Basin

4.3.2. Cheshire Basin

4.4. Poland

5. Subsidiaries

5.1. Bowland Resources

5.2. Cuadrilla Resources Deutschland GmbH

6. Technology

6.1. DrillMec HH220