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cyberbullying by Mind Map: cyberbullying

1. People in risk of being bullied

1.1. Being different

1.1.1. people in risk of bullying us as those ones that tend to be different form their pears. such as being fat , too thin , wearing glasses or being new at school.

1.2. weak people

1.2.1. people that are considered wear , not able to defend themselves from others.

1.3. people with low self steme

1.3.1. such as depressed people or anxious

1.4. annoying people

1.4.1. people who constantly ask for attention

2. Definition of this problem

2.1. The cyber bullying is one of many types of bullying in society that tends to happen specially inside schools or at work , this type of bullying differentiates from the other types because it takes place online and through text messages sent to cell phones.

3. How to help stop cyber bullying

3.1. Take action

3.1.1. help stop the bullying standing against it , in any kind of situation you feel this is happening. DO NOT STAND WITH VIOLENCE AGAINST THE AGGRESSOR!


3.2.1. Use all the aviable tools to protect you account from bulls

3.3. its not your fault

3.3.1. you have to take in account that whatever situation happens its not your fault , so you most not feel like it, instead look for solutions to solve it.

3.4. Comunicate the situation to a Grown up

3.4.1. communicate the situation to the principals of your school , your parents or someone that could help you.

4. strategies to avoid it

4.1. do not accept people you dont know in you media accounts.

4.2. investigate about this situation , inform yourself

4.3. lock your media accounts

5. psychological effects in victims

5.1. depression

5.2. suicide

5.3. isolation

5.4. use of drugs and alcohol