Final Reflective Exercise

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Final Reflective Exercise by Mind Map: Final Reflective Exercise

1. Pedagogy

1.1. Questions

1.1.1. Assessing pupil progress will be difficult from the get-go when we are yet to fully understand the capacity/ability of our pupils. How quickly will we be expected to help demonstrate progress in our pupils?

1.1.2. A research-informed approach to our planning and practice will get better with experience. What are some starting materials we can read to get us going?

1.1.3. During my SOE, I came across a class which had the unfortunate experience of consecutive supply teachers and who had not received a stable support system for several years in the classroom. They were approaching their GCSEs and we disheartened, unmotivated and had "given up". What should we do if we get a class like this in September? Is it unprofessional if we ask for the history of a class?

1.1.4. How creative will we be allowed to be in the classroom?

1.1.5. Will there be opportunities for us to ask the children directly what they enjoy learning/teaching methods that they enjoy?

1.2. Thoughts

1.2.1. We need to understand the diverse needs of our pupils, but it will be difficult to identify what the key barriers to learning are when we just begin teaching. It will be important to immerse ourselves in the community and build strong relationships with parents/carers/colleagues in order to assist with these uncertainties.

1.2.2. Monitoring pupil progress will be vital to achieving on the LDP. Speaking to colleagues about how they monitor their pupils' progress will be valuable.

1.2.3. Promoting good behaviour is difficult if/when a class has been repeatedly let down by supply teachers.

1.3. Feelings

1.3.1. I must remember that routines do not need to be set in stone from Day 1. It is important to be open to change and have a willingness to learn from mistakes.

1.3.2. I am nervous about asking about the previous history of a class.

1.4. Progression Framework

1.4.1. Areas for Development I need to learn to develop novel and innovative strategies to promote good behaviour for learning, particularly in a school with a high number of SEN/EAL children (SI2.6) I hope to be able to work more towards PF objective SI2.4 at SI when I visit the school. I am not sure if I will be able to ask directly about the previous history of the class and their existing progression. I intend to do some more reading around PF objective SI2.2. I am unsure of what kind of research I should be looking at. I have already started reading through "Enhancing Adolescents' Motivation for Science: Research-Based Strategies for Teaching Male and Female Students (Classroom Insights from Educational Psychology)'. This book has already provided some insight into the importance of autonomy/choice I am aware that I have yet learnt many strategies to promote good behaviours for learning, and have had little practice in confidently employing them (SI2.7). Of the opportunities I have had to put techniques into practice, peer-led learning appears to have been a valuable and effective approach, with minimal teacher-led learning (unless for difficult topics).

1.4.2. I have started to work towards SI2.1, 2.2 (although limited), 2.3, 2.5, 2.6, 2.8

2. Subject Knowledge

2.1. Questions

2.1.1. How much are we expected to be fully competent in our subject knowledge understanding by September?

2.1.2. How often is it OK to just say, "I don't know the answer to that question. How about you Google it for homework and tell me tomorrow?"

2.1.3. How much support will we receive about planning/constructing formative/summative assessments?

2.2. Thoughts

2.2.1. I fully understand (and am extremely passionate about) the importance of the Sciences within the context of the broader curriculum. However, I am not as confident in my understanding of how the Sciences can/will interact with other areas of the curriculum.

2.2.2. I am extremely passionate about the curriculum areas and phases for the Sciences.

2.2.3. I am aware of how to construct and develop my own subject knowledge to enable pupil progress. However, there is a lot of content to cover in the Sciences.

2.3. Feelings

2.3.1. I feel slightly more confident with Physics, but am worried that I have not had much time to cover Biology or Chemistry (particularly Chemistry).

2.3.2. I am worried that I will not have time to confidently cover all of the subject knowledge which I would like to cover before September.

2.4. Progression Framework

2.4.1. Areas for Development I am aware that I need to split my time equally between the three Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) in order to develop my subject knowledge equally across all three curriculum areas (SI3.3).

2.4.2. I have begun to confidently work towards PF objectives SI3.1 and 3.2.

2.4.3. I understand that the Sciences will play an important role in developing a wide range of analytic and investigative skills which cannot be found in a wide range of other curriculum subjects (SI3.4).

3. Leadership

3.1. Questions

3.1.1. What does SI PF Objective SI4.2 mean by "...develop practical approaches to leadership in your own context?"

3.1.2. Will we be assessed on how much progress we make when improvements are identified/suggested to us by mentors/tutors/LDOs?

3.2. Thoughts

3.2.1. I feel that throughout my SOE placement I have been self-reflective and have identified several key areas for improvement which I will address during SI training.

3.2.2. Although I understand that we are working as part of a "wider movement" (PF Objective SI4.7), I do not really understand how this will be assessed while we are working in the classroom?

3.2.3. I was under the impression that our own personal beliefs and value systems should remain separate from our professional lives. Surely it wouldn't be right to let this influence our work?

3.3. Feelings

3.3.1. I am confident that I can and will lead well in the classroom. But I hope we will have other opportunities to lead in extra-curricular activities also.

3.4. Progression Framework

3.4.1. Areas for Development I would like to understand how SI4.6 can be implemented into the classroom. I am aware that I will need to develop many more practical approaches to leadership "in my own context". However, I will need to do more reading to understand/learn of different techniques or strategies in the classroom to achieve this.

3.4.2. I have started to work toward the PF Objectives SI4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.7

4. Social and Local Context

4.1. Questions

4.1.1. Challenging others' assumptions, particularly pupils, presumably must be done with great care. How do we approach sensitive topics, particularly in lessons (e.g. stem cell research or evolution)?

4.2. Thoughts

4.2.1. I believe that I do understand the exceptional complexity of social inequality. I understand that there is an increasing demand for schools to engage with the local/wider community in order to raise aspirations of pupils.

4.2.2. I understand that a school is a concoction of diverse individuals from a wide array of backgrounds, and that tensions may sometimes rise. However, I also believe that there are often resolutions which can be achieved within the school environment and which should not negatively impact on the learning experience of pupils.

4.2.3. Debates may be a valuable tool when  discussing sensitive topics.

4.3. Feelings

4.3.1. I feel that it is important to highlight the diversity which exists among us, and talk about relevant subjects in the news/media in order to raise awareness of societal issues and misconceptions. Doing this during tutor time proved to be particularly effective during my SOE, although many students did not see the relevance/were not engaged with discussion. Highlighting the value of understanding the world around us should be an important part of study in a school environment. The freedom for students to express their opinions, debate and discuss issues or concepts in their local and global society should help improve their citizenship.

4.3.2. I am concerned that pupils may take offence to topics in Science (e.g. evolution/natural selection). As a Scientist, although I am respectful of those with religious beliefs, I am aware that some religious beliefs are strong. I am concerned that I do not want to portray myself as dogmatic/cold by dismissing the notion of intelligent design.

4.3.3. I feel that it would be valuable to undertake research/get demographic statistics for the school and the cultures/religions it serves.

4.4. Progression Framework

4.4.1. Areas for Development I am aware that I need to pay a lot of attention to SI5.2, as I have not yet witnessed/been exposed to the exact educational context of my school and the wider community. I am aware that communities vary considerably within a short distance, particularly in London. I would like to take full opportunity during SI to engage with the community and the school community itself (SI5.2).

4.4.2. I have started to work towards PF Objectives SI5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5.

5. Professional Context

5.1. Questions

5.1.1. How rapidly do LDP participants progress through the organisational structure?

5.1.2. If we feel that our input is not being taken into consideration in the professional workplace, where can we seek advice?

5.1.3. Will our LDO frequently visit us? How often will the LDO be in our classroom?

5.1.4. Will we have opportunities throughout our placement for professional development with Teach First?

5.1.5. If we have the desire to seek out other ventures (e.g. work on setting up networks/a vision), will we have time for this type of professional development alongside our LDP position?

5.1.6. Will our LDO frequently visit us? How often will the LDO be in our classroom?

5.2. Thoughts

5.2.1. I understand organisational structures much better than I did before my SOE placement. However, I still believe that I have much to learn. Are there opportunities for LDP participants to progress to leadership positions as early as their second year?

5.2.2. I am committed to enhancing my professional development every opportunity I get.

5.3. Feelings

5.3.1. I am very excited about developing effective relationships with pupils, colleagues, parents/carers and peers. I am slightly concerned about how quickly the pupils will take to a new teacher, particularly if they have had a really effective teacher/a teacher they really liked before me.

5.3.2. I am slightly nervous about how quickly I will be able to form quick relationships with students.

5.4. Progression Framework

5.4.1. Areas for Development Although I have shown some self-reflective capacity during my SOE, I am aware that I will need to get used to concisely and succinctly summarising my thoughts/experiences using the Journal (SI6.4). This will enable me to develop into a truly reflective individual who is able to set clear goals for herself.

5.4.2. I have worked towards PF Objectives SI6.1, 6.2, and 6.3

6. Vision

6.1. Questions

6.1.1. How will I measure the success of my Vision?

6.1.2. Can my Vision change?

6.1.3. I want my vision to be the same for all my classes, but what  if it's not applicable (e.g. LA set)?

6.1.4. Will our Vision be assessed?

6.1.5. How will/do I engage pupils who do not "like the sound of" my Vision?

6.1.6. An LDO advised me that sharing my Vision with my pupils will be valuable. How do I do this without giving the game away?

6.2. Thoughts

6.2.1. Having completed my SOE, I very much relate to and understand the impact of educational inequality. But there are so many factors that contribute to its detriment. Are we really expected to be able to address all of these in the first 2 years of the LDP?

6.3. Feelings

6.3.1. I feel positive about my Vision but uncertain that I will be able to measure it in a meaningful way. Would it be better to have a tangible/easily quantifiable vision (e.g. pupils move up 2 sublevels/grades by the time they do their GCSEs)?

6.3.2. I am slightly concerned that there will be some pupils who do not see the relevance/value of my Vision.

6.4. Progression Framework (PF)

6.4.1. Areas for Development I hope to better understand how I can implement the Fair Education Impact Goals in my day-to-day practice.

6.4.2. I have started to work towards both SI1.1 and SI1.2 in the PF.