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mountains by Mind Map: mountains

1. video

1.1. read book

1.2. New node

2. pod cast

2.1. introduction

2.1.1. definition of mountain

2.1.2. name some mountains

2.1.3. where some mountains are located

2.1.4. definition on mountains

2.2. content

2.2.1. what the highest mountain is caled

2.2.2. where the highest mountain is located

2.2.3. what kind of activities are done on a mountain

2.2.4. what kind of wild life do you see in the mountains

2.2.5. slide show on mountains

2.3. conclusion

2.3.1. mountains are landscapes that are unique.

3. u tube

3.1. wild life

3.2. activities on mountains

3.3. mountains

3.3.1. highest

3.3.2. smallest