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A.P English by Mind Map: A.P English

1. Grammar & Poetry

1.1. Lumericks

1.1.1. Wrote Different kinds of lumericks on a variety of topics

1.2. Haikus

1.3. Tanka

1.4. Diamentes

2. Novels

2.1. Palace Walk

2.1.1. Main Characters Amina

2.1.2. Assignments Essay

2.2. Tuesdays With Morrie

2.2.1. Main Characters Morrie Mitch

2.2.2. Assignment Had to write Haikus, Tankas, and Lumericks

2.3. The City Of Joy

2.3.1. Main Characters Hasari Pal New node

2.3.2. Assingment Quizess

3. Movies

3.1. October Sky

3.1.1. Main Characters Homer

3.1.2. Assingment 3D Model Related to the movie.

3.2. Stand And Deliver

3.2.1. Main Characters Mr. Escalante Angel

3.2.2. Assignment Had to choose a character and write Haikus and Tankas on it.