Mickey and minnie GCM character

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Mickey and minnie GCM character by Mind Map: Mickey and minnie GCM character

1. Movement

1.1. arrow keys to move

1.1.1. left arrow to move left, right arrow to move right and down to crouch.

1.2. one button to jump

1.2.1. usable as a weapon, by falling on enemies. (mario inspired?) can jump only once

1.3. Allow jumping movement, which gives the jump a momentum towards where the character is facing.

1.3.1. can be affected by environment, i.e. a bouncing ball will push the player away.

1.4. can swim, however will be in a constant state of sinking. death will follow if player falls out of the screen. limited breath underwater.

2. Character models

2.1. Mickey

2.2. Minnie

3. When taking damage

3.1. invulnerability for 2-3 seconds

3.2. knockback

3.3. character will be stunned and any action will be cancelled. If character is midair, character falls to the ground.

3.4. lose one life, total 5

3.5. recharge health by picking up hearts from drops

3.6. if player dies, game continues while player uses a revive token.

3.7. instant death if player falls into a pitfall

4. Interaction

4.1. The player is able to pick up and toss a defeated unit and use it as a projectile, like the shells in mario.

5. outfit

5.1. Sweeper suit

5.1.1. turns enemies into coins and reveals hidden blocks, needs charges from batteries to use suction ability

5.2. standard

5.2.1. no special abilities whatsoever

5.3. Safari

5.3.1. hook onto vines as zipline or hanging platforms to evade enemies. also climb walls. Hook zipline is affected by gravity, and as such always moves from higher to lower ground. speed increases as time spent on zipline. hook can be used to rotate lamps by latching on and using the directional buttons

5.4. Western

5.4.1. projectile attack, and a wooden toy horse bullet affected by gravity, altitude and rate of descent increases as distance increases