Social Issue: Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Addicts who Parent

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Social Issue: Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Addicts who Parent by Mind Map: Social Issue: Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Addicts who Parent

1. Existing Social Condition 1:Parents who don't care about their loved one and drive recklessly because of their addictions

2. Existing Social Condition 2:Parents who are addicted and become violence. And kill there loved ones.

3. Cultural Beliefs and Biases 2:Most research on substance abuse among Hispanics/Latinas has focused on alcohol  and has confirmed they have higher rates of abstinence from alcohol and drink alcohol less frequently than Hispanic/Latino men. .

4. Cultural Beliefs and Biases 1:The pattern of illicit drug use among Hispanics/Latinas is influenced by level of acculturation and country of origin.  Discharge demographics, indicated that Hispanic/Latina women admitted to substance abuse treatment were more likely to report opiates (19  In addition, the primary substance of abuse varied according to Hispanic origin: Puerto Rican and Cuban-American women reported more opiate use, whereas Mexican-American women reported more methamphetamine use (SAMHSA 2008).

5. Social Inequalities 1:There are many risk factors associated with drug and alcohol abuse. These include childhood experiences, genes, mental illness and psychological factors.

6. Social Roles 1: Hostile environment occurs when drugs and alcohol take over a human. Parents usually would express themselves badly to their children.

7. Social Role 2: Children become confused and the child thinks its ok to have their parents treating them badly. They don't know the proper structure of good parents.

8. Social Inequalities 2:One of the most significant risk factors for people who suffer the effects of poverty and substance abuse is access to appropriate health services.