World eCitizen Action Research Projects

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World eCitizen Action Research Projects by Mind Map: World eCitizen Action Research Projects

1. Chris Yapp, UK. Assessment as if learning mattered

1.1. Chris's presentation

2. Roger and Eva, Australia Evolutionary Learning

3. Priti Lala Podar Education Complex

4. Marion Scott Baker Cheam

5. Elaine Australia

6. Zdena Hamerhaltova Czech Republic

7. What outcomes do you want?

7.1. Skills

7.2. Standards

7.3. Knowledge transfer

7.4. Independent learning

7.5. Collaborative learning

8. What are your students expected to do?

8.1. Skills

8.2. Standards

8.3. Knowledge transfer

8.4. Independent learning

8.5. Collaborative learning

9. Katya Toneva, International School

10. Achievement for All

10.1. Sonia Blandford

10.2. Sonia's presentation

11. What do you do about failure?

12. How do you measure success?

13. Hot Potatoes

14. Posterous

15. Marilyn Leask

15.1. Marilyn's presentation

16. New node