The Civil War Through Art

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The Civil War Through Art by Mind Map: The Civil War Through Art

1. At Battle

1.1. What was the most important battle?

1.2. What were the casualties in the battle of the wilderness?

1.2.1. Confederates: 11,400 casualties

1.2.2. Confederates: 61,000 starting men

1.2.3. Union: 18,400 casualties

1.2.4. Union: 102,000 starting men

1.3. Who won the battle of the wilderness?

1.3.1. Even though the Union had more casualties it was inconclusive.

1.4. Who shot the first bullet in the civil war?

1.4.1. Mayor Robert Anderson shot the first bullet which was actually a cannon ball.

1.5. Was there wars in the ocean or only on land during the civil war?

1.5.1. Yes there were battles at sea one of them is the battle between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia.

1.6. What weapon did we have during the battle\war?

1.6.1. they had knifes, swords, musket, and new weapons like grenades, and machine guns!

2. Women during the War

2.1. Did any women fight in the war?

2.1.1. Yes. Around 400 women fought in the war

2.2. When was the United States General Hospital painted?

2.2.1. July 6, 1861

2.3. What did patients do during the civil war?

2.3.1. They liked children to play games with them

2.4. How many nurses were in the war?

2.4.1. 5,000 to 10,000 women offered their serveses

3. Causes of the Civil War

3.1. What happens at a slave sale?

3.1.1. The slaves would be taken to a platform where they could be seen by the buyers. Before the bidding would start, the buyers could come up and inspect the African- Americans. Then the bidding would start. the person with the highest bid would get the African.

3.2. how many slaves were there in 1850?

3.2.1. 3,204,313

3.3. What are some of the causes of the Civil War?

3.3.1. The South wanted slavery, and the North did not. People were fighting over if the USA should be ruled by the states, or the Federal Government.

3.4. when was this painting made?

3.4.1. 1853

3.5. when was the first battle of the civil war

3.5.1. July 21, 1861

3.6. Why did the Africans become slaves?

3.6.1. The Europeans had wished to enslave the Natives, but they were to keen on diseases. But the Africans, on the other hand, were immune to all sorts of diseases.

4. Aftermath of the Civil War

4.1. How did this impact our country?

4.1.1. Fact

4.2. Why is the city destroyed?

4.2.1. they helped the confederate armies to much and that lead to their near destruction.

4.2.2. the union attacked the confedrcy capitl hence the end of the war

4.3. What happened before this?

4.3.1. Richmond was previously shared with the Powhahtan tribe.

4.4. There were slaves running what is going on in the background

4.4.1. Fact

4.5. where is Lincoln going?

4.5.1. Lincoln is going to Richmond because the Union army had token over Richmond at the time.

4.6. How did this effect our country?

5. Fort Sumter

5.1. Question

5.1.1. why did the union attack fort Sumter? because the tension was high and that was a very important base.

5.2. why is the battle of fort sumter important?

5.2.1. this was the first battle of the american civil war.

5.3. how many people died during the battle of fort sumter?

5.3.1. only one man was killed and one man was mortally wounded