Electrical Circuit Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide for Primary school students (10 years old) to work out problems with their built circuits.

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Electrical Circuit Troubleshooting Guide by Mind Map: Electrical Circuit Troubleshooting Guide

1. Does the circuit make a continuous path from one battery terminal to the other?

1.1. A complete path is required before current can flow through resistances to perform work.

2. Are the connections attached via a conductive material? (bare wire or metal touching)

2.1. Strip the wire ends to make a conductive connection.

3. Are all the connections attached securely?

3.1. The wires may become loose even if attached by tape or blue-tack.

4. If you have a switch, is it turned on?

4.1. On/Off - Clickety Click

5. Is the LED connected the correct way around?

5.1. Current will only flow through LED's in one direction.

5.1.1. Series - Are all of the LED’s connected in the same direction?

6. Is the LED working?

6.1. Test it with direct contact on a button cell.

7. Are the batteries working?

7.1. Test them on a known working circuit.

8. Are the batteries inserted or attached the correct way around?

8.1. Check them or reverse the wires connected to the battery terminals.

8.2. The wires should be connected to each flat side of a button cell.

9. Has the bulb blown?

9.1. Test it on a known working circuit.