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Print and Digital News by Mind Map: Print and Digital News

1. What is Print and Digital News?

1.1. Print and Digital News at the Missouri School of Journalism is gathering, assessing, creating and presenting news and information through various mediums.

1.2. Print and Digital News at the Missouri School of Journalism contains a wide range of interest areas that prepare students for a variety of career paths.

1.2.1. Business and Economics Journalism

1.2.2. Investigative Journalism

1.2.3. News Reporting

1.2.4. News Editing

1.2.5. Science, Health and Environmental Journalism

1.2.6. International Journalism

1.2.7. To view more information about any of these Interest Areas, click the arrow.

2. What is it like to be a Print and Digital News student?

2.1. All Print and Digital News Students take a reporting course, where they have the chance to gain real-world experience by working at the Columbia Missourian.

2.1.1. The Columbia Missourian is a full-service newspaper available online and in print that serves the Columbia, Missouri area. To learn more about the Missourian, click on the arrow.

2.1.2. Print and Digital News students can continue to gain real-world reporting and producing experience at the Columbia Missourian or another one of the media outlets associated with the Missouri School of Journalism such as Global Journalist, the Missouri Business Alert or Vox Magazine.