future times (simple and be going to)

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future times (simple and be going to) by Mind Map: future times (simple and be going to)

1. simple

1.1. S+will/shall+V(orig)+C

1.2. shrinkage is common

1.3. It describes an action that happens every day

1.4. an action that happens all the time

1.5. a most verbs are adds and (S) at the end

2. forma negativa

2.1. Not(Won't)Ejemplo:

2.2. 1) she will not read the nespaper

2.3. 2)we will not come tp school by bus

2.4. 3)you will not work very hard

2.5. 4)he won't visit you next week

3. forma positiva

3.1. He,She,it

3.2. she reads the newspaper every day

3.3. he watches his son in the park

3.4. I speak several foreing languages

4. Be going to

4.1. +S+tobe+not+going to+V(orig)+C

4.2. -S+tobe+going to+V(orig)+C

4.3. actions express a future wich in geneal is uncertain

4.4. we re going to play  tennis at 7PM

4.5. she is not going to buy that car

5. forma negativa

5.1. I'm  not going to eat pasta

5.2. I´m not going to drive that car

5.3. I´m not going to brush my hair

6. forma positiva

6.1. I´m going to do my homework

6.2. I am going to rum

6.3. she is going to pay with a credit card

6.4. I am going to drop off my prescription over there