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Erinoak Kids by Mind Map: Erinoak Kids

1. Mission and Vision Statements

1.1. The mission of ErinoakKids is to help children and youth with physical, developmental and communication disabilities achieve optimal levels of independence, learning, health and well-being.

1.2. Vision - Children and youth reaching their potential supported by a full continuum of integrated, family-centred services. Values Accountability and Integrity Collaboration Continuous Learning Efficiency and Effectiveness Family Centredness Leadership and Innovation Professionalism Respect and Trust

2. Servies

2.1. ErinoakKids provides a comprehensive range of family-centred treatment, rehabilitation and support services to children with disabilities and their families who reside in Dufferin, Halton, Peel, Waterloo and Wellington - the Ministry of Children and Youth Services’ (MCYS) Central West Region of Ontario.

2.2. Specializing in Autism Services  and Communication services

2.3. They also have physiotherapists and occupational therapist who are able to help

3. For more information visit:

4. How to access services

4.1. In order to receive services from ErinOak Kids you must get a referral from a doctor. If your child has been diagnosed with Autism, hearing, vision, speech and language impairment you are able to set up a meeting with intake services.

5. Equity, Inclusion, cultural awareness

5.1. Erinoak Kids fits in to category B because they focus on modifying classrooms and providing tools and resources to help teachers/ ECEs work more effectively with students who have been diagnosed with autism, a hearing or visual impairment or a speech and language delay. I have worked with them personally when I was an ECE in a childcare centre. We had a child in our classroom who was diagnosed with autism and the worker would come in regularly and provide tools and techniques we could try for any issues we were having at the time. They would also suggest resources like pictorial schedules or fidget toys that would be helpful. They worked closely with parents to ensure that everyone who was involved with the child was on the same page.

6. Events for children

6.1. Erinoak does also offer programs that students can attend in the community such as: dance swimming assisted skating lessons various summer camps

7. Family Resource Centre

7.1. ErinoakKids Family Resource Centres are places for our clients and families to access information and resources. The Family Resource Centres offer a selection of toys and books to support skill development at home. Each Family Resource Centre is supported by dedicated ErinoakKids volunteers. Please visit a Family Resource Centre location to register.