Where to start looking for Medical Information

First year medics guide to finding information for their studies. University of Leicester Library, UK. cc Sarah Whittaker

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Where to start looking for Medical Information by Mind Map: Where to start looking for  Medical Information


1.1. Journal Articles

1.1.1. PubMed (Medline)

1.1.2. Library Search

1.2. Academic Books

1.2.1. Library Search (searches include Clinical Key and LWW Health Library

1.3. Clinical Guidelines

1.3.1. NICE

1.3.2. NICE Evidence Search, for NICE and other guidelines

1.3.3. Clinical Knowledge Summaries

1.3.4. Trip Database

1.3.5. World Health Organization

1.4. Statistics

1.4.1. UK Government

1.4.2. Department of Health and Social Care

1.4.3. OECD Health Data

1.4.4. World Health Organization


2.1. Basics & reference

2.1.1. Khan Academy

2.1.2. Acland Anatomy

2.1.3. NetAnatomy

2.1.4. Wikipedia? But you must corroborate the information

2.2. Core Texts

2.2.1. Library Search ClinicalKey LWW Health Library Elsevier eLibrary Oxford Medicine Online

2.3. Evidence Summaries & Portals

2.3.1. Clinical Knowledge Summaries

2.3.2. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

2.3.3. NICE Evidence Search

2.3.4. Patient: For Medical Professionals

2.3.5. Trip Database

2.4. Drug Information

2.4.1. British National Formulary

2.4.2. British National Formulary for Children

2.5. Patient Information

2.5.1. Patient

2.5.2. NHS Choices

2.5.3. Charities

2.6. Specialties

2.6.1. Lifeinthefastlane

2.6.2. GP Notebook